Emerging trends in Learning Management Systems

Icons_globeAsia_blueI’ve been keeping an eye on trends in Learning Management Systems for the last few years, and especially in the last few months as potentially big changes have been happening - such as the sale of Blackboard.

If you’re interested in the LMS marketplace, and views on the future direction, then there’s a brilliant and very insightful blog post on Michael Feldstein’s e-Literate blog, from Phil Hill. Whilst the first half of the article focuses on today’s marketplace for LMS systems in North America, and how it got here, the second half is fascinating for the thoughtful commentary on ‘Trends for the Future’, especially on:

  • LMS solutions are trending strongly towards Software as a Service, removing the big up-front capital costs
  • Usability improvements are continuing to arrive
  • There’s a blurring between big (monolithic?) LMS systems and content delivery systems
  • Analytics and data reporting need to be much more than ‘aspirational goals’

Learn MoreRead the full blog post about the Emerging Trends in LMS on the e-Literate blog

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