Education Revolution in Action 4 Conference

I was invited to present one of a pair of keynotes at the Education Revolution in Action 4 conference yesterday, at John Paul College in Queensland. The 300 attendees were from schools - state and private - from across Australia and New Zealand, and were a mix of practising classroom teachers, school leaders and ICT managers.

It’s always a bit tricky to find a story that works for all of the different groups - too much technology, and you can turn off the teachers, and too much pedagogy and you can bore the ICT managers. But I thought I’d got the balance about right, but that was before the agenda started to overrun, and I had to make the decision that every speaker hates - do I stick to my allocated 50 minutes, and eat into the coffee break by 20 minutes - or do I rush through a 50 min presentation in half an hour? If you’ve already been sitting for an hour and a half, coffee breaks become pretty important, so I went for a third option, of delivering the first half of my presentation, and leaving out the rest (fortunately, my presentation came in two handy halves!)

And even more fortunately, the blog allows me to share the slides that I couldn’t present (although they may not make as much sense without my commentary Smile).

Workplace Revolution in Action

Given the conference theme of Education Revolution in Action, what I chose to talk about was the Workplace Revolution in Action - the way that people will be working in the future, and the implications from a technology and skills perspective. I used our ‘2020 Vision’ video, which looks at the workplace of 2020, and then continued by deconstructing the technology behind the video – to look at what exists now – either in research labs or in real life - and how the components might build to get to the vision described for the future. It always then leads into a conversation about the skills needed for the workforce of the future, where the workplace is a very different one from today.

Unfortunately, I can’t share the whole presentation (I used a multimedia, interactive piece of software to present it), but I can share the short video that I used as the introduction, which is the starting point for the story I told. It's the Productivity Future Vision on YouTube here

I finished up the session with just one slide from my original presentation, which I’ve found to be a useful way to talk about the tension that is created for ICT people in education.

I’m going to write about it, and put it on a separate blog post, a little later today. And I’ll also post up all of the slides that I didn’t get to present, just in case any of the attendees wanted to know what they may have missed.

Now all posted - and available here

Comments (2)

  1. Jan MacNamara from era4 says:

    Sincere thanks Ray. I will be dipping back in. Really enjoyed the presentation and so glad that I am part of a dynamic learning community. Love the challenge of change and the excitement of the tools to come.

  2. Darlene hamiton says:

    Ray fantastic presentation i love technology and your presentation was most enlightening!!!

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