Tips for reducing help desk calls when upgrading to Office 2010

CIO magazine published a useful article last week, “Supporting Office 2010: Tips for preventing help desk calls”, which contains four specific tips to make the roll out of Office 2010 easier for users (and therefore for you). The timing coincided with the first anniversary of Office 2010, and the news that it is being rolled out five times faster than Office 2007.

There four key tips from the article are:

  1. Make training mandatory
  2. Help people with the Ribbon (eg using the Interactive Guide)
    They don’t mention Ribbon Hero, which is great for students
  3. Give people Quick Reference Guides
  4. Customise office (eg add ‘Print’ to the Quick Access Toolbar)

For me, the last one is perhaps the most important – because if you do something simple like that, you can bring the commands your users use most frequently to the top of the screen. Let me show you how I did it on my Word menu:

Making Print easier to find in Word 2010


The menu looks like this to start with – with the Quick Access Toolbar at the top (which stays there all the time) – with just Save, Undo and Redo on it.


Clicking on the drop-down arrow along side it brings up another menu


And from that menu, just click the ones you want on the menu


Hey Presto, you now have Print on the Toolbar – and showing all of the time.
So, if you add that tweak into your standard Office distribution for teachers and students, you instantly make you life easier!
And, if you add Print Preview instead of Quick Print, you’ll probably also save a lot of paper and money!

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