More Moodle advice – The Moodle on SharePoint white paper

Following on from the Office Add-In for Moodle earlier in the week, there’s some further advice and support from the Education Labs team for Moodle that may be useful to you - Moodle on SharePoint. If you’re either using Moodle, or considering it, then you may want to consider how you set it up. Because Moodle is an open source product, it’s often assumed that it should be installed on an open source server – like a Linux box. But the challenge with doing that for many schools is that it doesn’t therefore easily integrate with their existing ICT systems – for example, managing users and files on your existing school file servers.

However, there’s a more positive way to deploy Moodle, which is to install it on your existing infrastructure, rather than having to add additional complications. The most powerful bit of your infrastructure to add it to is your SharePoint – because Moodle on SharePoint fills in some of the gaps of a conventional Moodle system. First, it helps prevent data loss. For example, if a teacher deletes a file by mistake and wants to get it back, you’ll easily be able to go into SharePoint and restore it from the recycling bin – rather than it being lost forever. Secondly, you can take advantage of versioning in SharePoint. If a teacher or student overwrites a file by mistake, it can be restored to a previous version from SharePoint. Finally you can use SharePoint’s search capabilities to search across all of your content, whether it is in your SharePoint file storage, or in your Moodle system (currently there is no equivalent file search capability in Moodle). Perhaps most importantly, teachers can get these benefits while continuing to use the Moodle user interface they are accustomed to, meaning no new training.

How do you install Moodle on SharePoint?

So if it makes so much sense to run your Moodle on SharePoint, how do you do it? Well, we’ve published a white paper that explains how to set up SharePoint as the file system for Moodle. It doesn’t need any special code – if you have SharePoint and Moodle, it is a matter of configuration.

You can download the full white paper here (click on the Read It link) which can help you plan your strategy.

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  1. Richard says:

    The white paper link is not working,can you please let us know where the whitepaper is?

  2. ian says:

    The white paper link is not working,can you please let us know where the whitepaper is?

      where can we find it ???

  3. Hans says:

    seems like this link is ad, where you might end up buying a book

  4. James says:

    Not able to download the whitepaper at the end of this blog, as url links to…/default.aspx

  5. Kamlesh Joshi says:

    The white paper link showing no result, plz post the whole process of configuring Moodle with SharePoint 2013. And plz reply with the actual link so that we can download the White Paper.

    Thank You

  6. Integration with SP 2013 says:


    Anything about Mooodle and SharePoint 2013 integration?

    Thank you!


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