University CIOs – being pulled in all directions

I've written before about the mindset of a university CIO (see all 'Mindset of a CIO' posts), as part of trying to look at the world through their eyes - What is it the are challenged by? What keeps them up at night? And what do they think is going well?

At the CCA Educause conference in Sydney, I saw the video below - filmed at the University of Sydney recently. It is a series of short interviews which starts with Geoffrey Brown, who is Director of Faculty Services for ICT at the university, and then continues with a range of other faculty members.

And if you want a good reason to spend 4 minutes watching this, how about these two quotes - both in the video below:

"We are in a new era where there are so many more services that are now available, the expectations are so much higher than ever before. People in academia will get their solutions off the web - when they want it and how they want it. And the IT people will become vaguely irrelevant"

Geoffrey Brown, who is Director of Faculty Services for ICT

"Don't believe the hype. Face to face lectures are alive and kicking. We're social creaatures which thrive on contact with others. And, surprisingly, students appreciate the discipline and the structure which comes from attending traditional lectures."

Vanessa Gysbers, Associate Lecturer in the School of Molecular Bioscience


If you are a university CIO, these people are your customers - and the challenges they face are your challenges too. Must be difficult to balance off all of these priorities - within a fixed budget and a fixed team...

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