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Heute ist der zweite Tag des Partners in Learning Forums in Prag. Wie jedes Jahr wären wir auch diesmal gerne mit einem eigenen Team aus Deutschland angereist. Doch aufgrund unglücklicher Umstände ist die Teilnahme der Johannes-Brahms-Schule aus Pinneberg dieses Jahr leider vor Ort nicht möglich. Zum Glück aber gibt es ja Technologien die eine Teilnahme auch über Ländergrenzen möglich macht – wie genau das erklärt uns Bernd Treumann von der Johannes-Brahms-Schule im heutigen Blog-Post (englisch):

Strange things are happening: While the Global Forum of Innovative Schools is taking place in Prague, we are still in Pinneberg, northern Germany, although we are one of so-called ‘Innovative Schools’. Unfortunately we (my headmaster, Mrs Bruhn and me) can´t take part in the Global Forum.

So we aren’t in Prague but we still participate. Thanks to new technology (the main topic in Prague) like Lync or Skype and thanks to Aileen, our coach from Helliwood, we will try to give our best to support our group of European schools.
I was very curios to witness this Global Forum. How often do you have the possibility to meet colleagues from all over the world, to compare notes about e-learning, to swap ideas and to learn from each other.
I hope that via Internet we will have the chance to join some of the group meetings, to listen to the ideas of the others.

Our aim is to integrate current media into teaching, to encourage our students to make technical and electronic devices a natural part of their school work, even if they don’t have the equipment at home.
Also we want to make teaching more accessible, we want to improve teaching through interactive elements, simulations and business games.

Another important aim, which encouraged us to participate in the Microsoft project of Innovative schools, is to improve the communication between all members of the school community: teachers, students and parents.
I’m curios to hear about the aim of the other schools of our group, to share our experiences with them and to learn from theirs.
Bernd Treumann, JBS Pinneberg

Schulleiterin Ortrud Bruhn und Bernd Treumann

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