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Zeit:  Dienstag, 19. April · 10:00 - 11:00

Der System Center Operations Manager (kurz SCOM) dient der proaktiven Betriebsüberwachung. In erster Linie werden damit Server und Serverspeziefische Dienste (wie z.B. Exchange, Sharepoint, SQL,…) überwacht. Eine Überwachung von Clients (XP, Vista, Windows 7,…) und einfachen Netzwerkkomponenten wie Router und Switches ist jedoch auch möglich.
Die in SCOM integrierte Knowledgebase unterstützt Administratoren bei auftretenden Problemen und Fehlern, da sie Produktknowhow der Entwicklungsabteilung direkt verfügbar macht.

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  1. coach purses sagt:

    i like that what you say

  2. Patent Litigation sagt:

    Microsoft's vision for systems management is the Systems Center suite and the flagship of that suite is System Center Configuration Manager. Initially released in 1994 as Systems Management Server, it has undergone major changes, from version 2.0 to Systems Management Server 2003 and then to the incumbent SCCM 2007 R3. It's time now for another big shift, this time in response to the changing landscape of systems management in the enterprise. That's what the forthcoming SCCM 2012 focuses on.

    The most sweeping changes in SCCM 2012 are focused on putting users first; Microsoft does this through User Centric Management There's also a new console, a new role-based security model and simplified infrastructure and administration processes. I tested beta 1 of the next version of SCCM, called SCCM 2012. Features and functionality are likely to change between this version and the final release.

  3. Atul Pandey sagt:…/CD010254990.aspx

    Link not working please update the latest link…….Thanks

  4. Redaktion sagt:

    Hi Atul, the link should be working now. Thanks.

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