New Spatial Features in SQL Server Code-Named “Denali” Community Technology Preview 3

We have just released a new white paper, New Spatial Features in SQL Server Code-Named “Denali”.  This white paper covers the spatial improvements added to both CTP1 and CTP3 and becomes the definitive spatial guide to this release of SQL Server.

You can download the new server from this location: Microsoft SQL Server code-named 'Denali' CTP3 and try out the new spatial features.

Comments (3)

  1. Russell at ISC says:

    This looks good- glad you've added the Point optimizations to STIntersects, a client of ours noticed that a hand-rolled implementation of the even/odd rule seemed to be a good bit faster than the old STIntersects for testing a Point against a Polygon- but one thing I am really hoping you guys will do is to add RTree as a spatial index option.


  2. Jason Horner says:

    This is great work Ed. Thanks for keeping this document updated throughout the CTP process. I can't wait to use these features when Denali goes RTM.

  3. Geobram says:

    There is a new business search engine with spatial technology

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