FME Webinar: Practical Techniques for Loading Data into SQL Server

One of the most often asked questions about SQL Server Spatial is “How do I load data into the spatial types?”. Safe Software has long provided solutions for this dilemma with their excellent ETL tool, Feature Manipulation Engine (FME).  On December 14th, Safe will be presenting an FME Webinar entitled “Practical Techniques for Loading Data into SQL Server”.  This webinar will cover such topics as:

  • Support for multiple spatial columns in a table
  • Loading spatial data into SQL Azure Spatial
  • The new, low cost, FME Desktop SQL Server Data Loading Edition
  • The FME Extension for SSIS

I would encourage anyone with an interest in this topic to register at

Additionally, there is another page,, which includes links to an overview movie as well as links to the webinar.

Lastly, you can get more information on FME solutions for SQL Server on Safe’s SOLUTIONS FOR MICROSOFT SQL SERVER USERS page.

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