Team Foundation Power Tools for VS2008 – Hot Now!

The Team Foundation Power Tools for VS2008 are now available here.  This is the first release of the Power Tools that work with VS2008.  We did not want to just deliver a warmed over version of the VS2005 Power Tools, so we included lot of new goodies in this release. Find In Source Control From…


Pre-release of TFS to TFS Migration Tool Available on CodePlex!

Back in June we released the TFS Migration and Synchronization Toolkit – a toolkit that helps migrate data between 3rd party version control and bug tracking systems and TFS.  Turns out that folks also want to migrate data between two TFS servers too, so work was begun on writing a TFS to TFS migration tool…


How To Get TFS Power Tool Check-in Policies for VS2005 to Work with VS2008 (Orcas)

The current TFS Power Tools support TFC/VS 2005 only.  However, there are beta customers of VS2008 (aka Orcas) who want to use the check-in policies from the TFS Power Tools.  With a few manual steps (below) you can get the TFS Power Tool Check-in policies to work with VS2008 and observe how .Net binding redirects…


Check-in Policy Compatibility between TFC 2005 and 2008

A frequent question among TFC 2008 beta customers is about check-in policy compatability.   Will check-in policies work across TFC 2005 and 2008? The answer is that evaluation works across versions in both directions, but editing the policy definition only works in one direction (TFC 2008 can edit a TFC 2005 policy but TFC 2005 cannot edit…


Team System Web Access Power Tool Released

Formerly known as Team Plain, the Team System Web Access Power Tool is now officially supported by Microsoft Customer Support Services.  You can download it here.  Brian Harry has the best post on the details.  Enjoy.       Technorati Profile


TFS Migration and Synchronization Toolkit Released to the Wild

I am pleased to say the TFS Migration and Synchronization Toolkit (toolkit) is officially released.  You can get it here on CodePlex.  The toolkit provides a set of classes and a reference implementation (and a good example) for migrating and/or synchronizing third party version control and work item tracking systems to Team Foundation System.  The toolkit makes our…


The Team Foundation Dogfood Gravy Train

My wife, who is a nurse, chuckles at the computer slang she hears me use.  One of her favorite terms is dogfooding.  Both the origins of the term dogfooding and the benefits are quite interesting.  Nothing says, “fix this problem now!” louder than running into it yourself or the peer pressure when a coworker runs or should I…


Micro Focus COBOL and TFS

Doug Neumann, one of our program managers for TFS, had a chance to do a keynote at Micro Focus World in Orlando earlier this month. For those of you not familiar with Micro Focus, they sell a set of tools for COBOL development. While preparing for the keynote, we had an opportunity to use Team…


Visual Studio Team System Chat – Today (4/27/2007)

Join members of the Visual Studio Team System product group to discuss features available in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, Team Editions for Architects, Developers, Database Pros, and Testers. In addition, discuss what’s new in the in the Visual Studio code name “Orcas” Beta 1 releases for Team Suite and Team Foundation Server.             We…


TFS Migration and Synchronization Toolkit Prerelease Available On Codeplex

 Just released (or should I say, prereleased) tonight on Codeplex, the TFS Migration and Synchronization Toolkit (the toolkit) Prerelease.  See here. We’ve be working on hard on this toolkit to make availalbe the best practices  we have learned from migrating and synchronizing millions of files and work items internally and for customers.  If you are thinking…