Updating my book for SharePoint 2010

With the lack of posts and everything, people have been asking me what I have been up to. Among other things, I am updating my SharePoint development book for the 2010 release. The new title will be Pro SharePoint 2010 Solution Development. Just like the last book, you can expect lots of examples that incorporate…


My Presentation for Tomorrow’s SharePoint Best Practices Conference

I just wanted to post the deck I will be using for my session (SPDev 314) at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference in Reston. My session includes mostly demos around document generation scenarios with SharePoint. There is a lot of use of the new Open XML SDK. Most of the code samples have already made…


Demoing Geneva Beta 2 with MOSS 2007

I put together a little video demo of using Geneva Beta 2 stuff with MOSS 2007. You can get these VMs using the links from the previous post, but it is an awful lot to download and setup. So I thought a video might be appealing.  


SharePoint and CRM

It isn’t too often that I get to share publicly some of the work we do at the MTC for customers. Fortunately, the US Air Force let Microsoft turn a proof of concept I worked on into a case study. This POC was done a while ago – in fact you’ll recognize some of it…


Workaround for the SharePoint Asset Inventory Tool ‘;’ error

I was preparing for the upcoming conference and wanted to demo some of the new tools coming for SharePoint. Often I have heard the customer’s IT department talk about finding rogue SharePoint installations and getting better metrics on how these servers were being used, so I thought I would spend some time with the SharePoint…


Video: Building Presentations from SharePoint Site Content

First sorry for the long time away from posting. It was quite a busy fourth quarter. But welcome to 2008! I put together a quick video blog of two demonstrations I show about how to automate the creation of PowerPoint presentations based on SharePoint site content. The first part of the demo shows how a…


Book Review: Essential SharePoint 2007 by Scott Jamison and others

This book fills a niche that has long been lacking in the SharePoint space. Where most books are targeted exclusively to developers or administrators, this book takes a fresh approach and focuses on the business impact of the technology. This book contains all the things you never find in most SharePoint books. How to roll…


How To: Display browser enabled InfoPath forms in a web part supporting connections

Here is a little something from one of the chapters in the book (http://blogs.msdn.com/edhild/pages/pro-sharepoint-solution-development-combining-net-sharepoint-and-office-2007.aspx) With MOSS, there is the new Forms Services capability that allows you to take an InfoPath designed form and present it to the user as a web based form. When associated with a document library, the user can click New and…


How To: Connect web parts during site provisioning

If you have been following the How To’s recently posted here, you will remember that I have a site definition that has the BDC Item web part on it. And I have a custom filter web part that pulls an ID out of the web’s property bag. The only remaining item is how to get…


SharePoint Book Update

Just chiming in on where we stand on the book. I just finished writing up the conclusion chapter. I’ve updated the TOC (http://blogs.msdn.com/edhild/pages/pro-sharepoint-solution-development-combining-net-sharepoint-and-office-2007.aspx). The chapter is called “Realizing the Vision”. In this chapter we spend some time on helping you identify if SharePoint is a fit for your custom application. And we look to the…