Creating an Interactive Lync Kiosk

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I thought you all would like to see what myself and fellow MTC team members have been up to. For our new center, we created a video wall interactive experience with Kinect that enables customer to learn about and play with Microsoft Lync:  


Custom Site Provisioning in SharePoint’s New App Model with Workflow

If you have followed this blog at all over the years, you know I started the bandwagon really early on with automating site and site collection provisioning with SharePoint. In fact this has been my topic at all of the SharePoint conferences except the last one. I was a little tired of the topic and…


A Perspective on SharePoint 2013’s App Model – Part 2

In part 1 of this series, I discussed why the way developers extend SharePoint needed to change. In this article I will detail types of SharePoint applications, how they fit into the app model, and the tools you can use to build applications. What is a SharePoint App? The words “SharePoint application” could probably mean…


A Perspective on SharePoint 2013’s App Model – Part 1

A lot of my customers lately to the Microsoft Technology Center have been interested in the new App Model of SharePoint 2013. This should not be a surprise given that the new App Model is one of the big additions to SharePoint 2013. What is interesting is that these customers are not going to the cloud…