Updating my book for SharePoint 2010

With the lack of posts and everything, people have been asking me what I have been up to. Among other things, I am updating my SharePoint development book for the 2010 release. The new title will be Pro SharePoint 2010 Solution Development. Just like the last book, you can expect lots of examples that incorporate Microsoft Office 2010, Visual Studio Tools for Office, Open XML, and of course SharePoint 2010. This is still a developer book meant to show patterns that devs can use in projects - not an introduction to SharePoint development. I've wrangled Chad Wach (another Microsoft SharePoint resource) to helping me with a few chapters. We are nearly done with the first drafts of the chapters, but plan to update them as we get RTM bits. The book should be out by TechEd - sometime early summer. It is already posted on amazon.com for pre-order. http://www.amazon.com/Pro-SharePoint-2010-Solution-Development/dp/1430227818/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1263665961&sr=8-3

You will notice a lot of the chapters have the same title as some of the solutions in the last book. I can guarentee you that there is a lot new here. Even in cases where the goal of the solution is the same, we were able to take it much father with less code given the improvements in the platform. Below is where the table of contents stands currently. The chapters in brackets are still being written and may change. I hope to have some webcasts for you soon of some of the solutions.

1 - Office Business Applications
2 - SharePoint 2010: Overview and New Features
3 - SharePoint Development with Visual Studio 2010
4 - Microsoft Office Overview for Developers
5 - [An Excel Services focused chapter]
6 - Merging SharePoint List Data into Word Documents
7 - Automating Document Assembly
8 - Extending PowerPoint to Build a Presentation Based on Site Content
9 - Building a Presentation Server-Side with a Web Part
10 - Surfacing Line-of-Business Data into Outlook
11 - [Site Provisioning Forms and Workflows]
12 - Rapid SharePoint Application Development using Access
13 - Using Visio Services to Visualize Data
14 - [Building Mashups]
15 - Realizing the Vision

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  1. SHolderness says:

    Ed, looking forward to your updated book. But for us non-developers, how can we learn how to update MS Powerpoint content with content derived from either Sharepoint or MS Project?

    I apologize if I’m asking the worng person or question.

    Best Rgs,


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