SPC 2009 – Day 1

Most of day 1 was the keynotes. Got to love that the first demo was for the developers in the room. Really like that the definition of SharePoint has become more broad then simply a collaboration platform. The new pie slide simply stated Next Generation Platform. I sat in all the keynotes and then mostly IT Pro sessions. This is because I am already pretty deep in the dev stuff. I went to IT Pro Overview, and the 2 part sessions on Architecture done wy the SharePoint 911 guys which were very entertaining. Some favorite lines:

Co-authoring is the feature that lets you watch other people do your work...

If you write a bad web part, my sharepoint server will hunt you down and shoot you...

I really like all the powershell stuff done by Shane and Todd. The biggest thing to take out of this is make get-help your friend and don't forget tabbing can auto complete not only commands, but also parameters. I'll be doing more blogging once I get back with a lot of details as well as the dev work I have been doing... finally nice that the NDA has been lifted.

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