Geneva Beta 2 support for MOSS 2007

Since a lot of the customers I serve are government agencies, there has always been a lot of interest in ADFS with SharePoint. But there has always been lots of issues... ADFS being targeted to only federating Active Directory, what about Office client integration, SAML protocol support, etc... Well there is something new on the horizon and last month at Tech Ed there was some interesting announcements that impact the SharePoint world.

 If you haven't been watching the MS beta name list, it was probably an easy miss, but there is a new Windows Server service coming that currently goes by the beta name of Geneva Server. This service brings a Security Token Service to the windows platform building on top some new .NET libraries (the Geneva framework). This STS is an evolution of the ADFS Windows service adding support for more standards, a claims transformation rules engine, support for SQL attribute stores, and much more.

 At Tech Ed, there was an announcement that MOSS 2007 will support Geneva. In fact, there is now a set of hyper-v VMs that will allow you to play with Geneva Beta 2, MOSS 2007, RMS, and Card Space. This also has the SP2 updates for client integration so it is quite a demo when you are done. You can register and get the images here:

There is only 1 error that I found going through the docs. On page 87, the Url should be And I would change the demo a bit and only add the RMS protection to the confidential documents.

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