SPC 2009 – Day 1

Most of day 1 was the keynotes. Got to love that the first demo was for the developers in the room. Really like that the definition of SharePoint has become more broad then simply a collaboration platform. The new pie slide simply stated Next Generation Platform. I sat in all the keynotes and then mostly…


Resolved error setting up IRM for SharePoint 2007

Was working on a proof of concept today and ran across an interesting error when trying to get the MOSS server to talk to RMS. Since this is just in a lab, the MOSS central administration web app pool was running as Network Service. When I chose to specify the RMS server, the error was…


My Presentation for Tomorrow’s SharePoint Best Practices Conference

I just wanted to post the deck I will be using for my session (SPDev 314) at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference in Reston. My session includes mostly demos around document generation scenarios with SharePoint. There is a lot of use of the new Open XML SDK. Most of the code samples have already made…


Updating demos from my book for the DC SharePoint Best Practices Conference

I’ve been updating some of my demos for the upcoming DC SharePoint Best Practices Conference (http://www.bestpracticesconference.com/). Basically, I have a session that shows different approaches to common document generation scenarios that customers have expressed an interest in. I will show why you want to be building these out with SharePoint and why you want to…


Web Part to view a User’s Claims

As promised in my earlier video demo, here is a web part that I quickly wrote to view the claims of a user when they are authenticating to the SharePoint site using a Security Token Service such as Geneva Server. There are some important sections in the code. First is the check to see if…


Microsoft Word Documents Opening in the Browser

No this is not a post on anything SharePoint 2010 related. I get asked this question, quite a bit… It usually goes something like: I have a SharePoint site and when the user clicks on a Word document, the file is shown in the Internet Explorer viewer and not in MS Word. I had to…


Demoing Geneva Beta 2 with MOSS 2007

I put together a little video demo of using Geneva Beta 2 stuff with MOSS 2007. You can get these VMs using the links from the previous post, but it is an awful lot to download and setup. So I thought a video might be appealing.  


Geneva Beta 2 support for MOSS 2007

Since a lot of the customers I serve are government agencies, there has always been a lot of interest in ADFS with SharePoint. But there has always been lots of issues… ADFS being targeted to only federating Active Directory, what about Office client integration, SAML protocol support, etc… Well there is something new on the horizon and last…


Building Presentations from SharePoint Content

This is really just a publish of an old demo I have had for some time, but finally got around to putting a video together. This demo is about two different ways to build PowerPoint presentations based off of SharePoint content. The first uses an Office Add-in approach and the second does everything on the…


Local DC SharePoint Conference Early Registration Is Open

It’s that time of year again. A local sharepoint user group that I am involved with is putting on a regional sharepoint conference. The dates are June 26th and 27th. Visit their web site for more information: http://www.sugdc.org/Events/Conferences/tabid/58/Default.aspx