Video Demo: Merging SharePoint List Data into Word Documents

I’ve recently been moving a lot of my older demos from when MOSS first RTMed into my new dev environment. During the move, I am also taking the time to update them to VS.NET 2008 and any other nicer tools that have come along. A popular demo of mine is a solution that shows you…


Visio 2007 crashing on exit on Vista 64bit

I had a minor success today. For the longest time, every time I closed Visio 2007 SP1 on my Vista 64bit machine, I would get a crash and an error. It was a minor annoyance since it was on exit… but I finally solved it today. First I launched Visio by using Explorer on the…


POP3 on Windows Server 2008 MOSS Dev Env

Just a quick note… If you are a MOSS dev setting up a new development environment on Windows Server 2008, you might have noticed that there is no POP3 service anymore. This makes it a bit difficult to shows workflow with email notifications, etc if you don’t have the ability to have a user mailbox….


A SharePoint adventure in "Publish Links to Office"

So I had a need to do a little thing such as get a link to a MOSS site to show up in the “My SharePoint Sites” Save-As dialog in Office. First, this wasn’t a site that I was indexing so, I couldn’t rely on it picking up the fact that I was a member…