SharePoint and CRM

It isn't too often that I get to share publicly some of the work we do at the MTC for customers. Fortunately, the US Air Force let Microsoft turn a proof of concept I worked on into a case study. This POC was done a while ago - in fact you'll recognize some of it is on older technology than the current revisions. The solution was focused on providing a tracking system for requests for forces that come in from JFCOM. The current system (at the time) was simply Outlook and Emails. The action officers described spending 50% of their time sorting and searching through complicated email folder hierarchies. We proposed and build a system leveraging Microsoft CRM and SharePoint. On Microsoft's site, you can see a video about this solution, a demo of it online, and even more info of how this solution has generalized to tracking just about any task:

By the way, they caked make up on me for the video...

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