Working on updating my Silverlight 2.0 stuff to RTM

And of course there would have to be an error that I had to work around… I had built several samples with the pre-release stuff of Silverlight 2.0 and just started the processing of updating my environment. So I uninstalled everything in my dev environment related to silverlight and started over. This included Visual Studio…


Webcast on the Podcasting Kit for SharePoint

Webcast Alert! The Podcasting Kit For SharePoint You do NOT want to miss this week’s SharePoint Weekly Webcast Series presentation. I have lined up the folks from Microsoft’s Academy Team who brought you the Podcasting Kit for SharePoint and it is sure to be a great, informative session. Please be sure to pass along this…


PDC Video: SharePoint Online – Extending Your Service

This is a pretty good video on some of the developer options for customizing SharePoint Online. If you are not familiar with SharePoint Online, it is SharePoint hosted by Microsoft for use by small organizations or companies as well as large ones. As this video explains, there are two different flavors Standard and Dedicated. Development…


Video Demo: Merging SharePoint List Data into Word Documents

I’ve recently been moving a lot of my older demos from when MOSS first RTMed into my new dev environment. During the move, I am also taking the time to update them to VS.NET 2008 and any other nicer tools that have come along. A popular demo of mine is a solution that shows you…


Visio 2007 crashing on exit on Vista 64bit

I had a minor success today. For the longest time, every time I closed Visio 2007 SP1 on my Vista 64bit machine, I would get a crash and an error. It was a minor annoyance since it was on exit… but I finally solved it today. First I launched Visio by using Explorer on the…


POP3 on Windows Server 2008 MOSS Dev Env

Just a quick note… If you are a MOSS dev setting up a new development environment on Windows Server 2008, you might have noticed that there is no POP3 service anymore. This makes it a bit difficult to shows workflow with email notifications, etc if you don’t have the ability to have a user mailbox….


A SharePoint adventure in "Publish Links to Office"

So I had a need to do a little thing such as get a link to a MOSS site to show up in the “My SharePoint Sites” Save-As dialog in Office. First, this wasn’t a site that I was indexing so, I couldn’t rely on it picking up the fact that I was a member…


My SharePoint Best Practices Presentation

While we are waiting for the decks to be officially postes on the sharepoint best practices portal, I’ve posted a copy on skydrive. It may not be the exact final copy, but it should be pretty close. Most of the demos are already on this blog. Look at the resources slide in the presentation…


SharePoint and CRM

It isn’t too often that I get to share publicly some of the work we do at the MTC for customers. Fortunately, the US Air Force let Microsoft turn a proof of concept I worked on into a case study. This POC was done a while ago – in fact you’ll recognize some of it…


Best Practices SharePoint Conference

There is a new SharePoint conference coming to the DC area on Sept 15-17. This conference is being run by the folks from Midsharp (Bill English and Ben Curry) who recently brought you the new SharePoint Best Practices book. I will be presenting a variation of my Enforce Governance by Provisioning Sites with Workflow session…