New MOSS SDK includes new BDC Tool

There is a gold nugget in the new MOSS SDK that was just released. Included in the download is a new BDC tool that allows you to more easily create those XML application definition files. Here are some of the highlights:


·         Tool supports Databases (SQL, Oracle, OLEDB, and ODBC) and Web Services

·         Drag and drop design surface for selecting DB tables or web methods

·         Metadata is automatically extracted from Databases by dragging and dropping tables

·         Web Services require a few additional steps to completely configure the connection

·         Users can import and export Application Definition XML files

·         Users are able to test method instances incrementally from within the tool

·         The tool is not required to run on a Web Front-End

·         Associations are created automatically when foreign keys are selected; they can also be created easily for web services by adding an Association method instance

And a screen shot:

And finally the link:

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