Adding a "twist" to Out of the Box SharePoint Workflows: Site Provisioning

I recently gave a talk on governance at a SharePoint conference and came up with a quick demo about how to use the out of the box workflows for site provisioning. I get asked this question a lot about adding something to the end of an OOB workflow (creating a site, saving a form to…


Using OOB Workflows to Provision Sites

A large part of a governance strategy is having some control on how and where SharePoint sites get created. Traditionally people focus on whether or not to turn on Self Service Provisioning. Unfortunately, this setting is at a web application level and is like a big on or off switch. If you turn it on,…


Announcing: Regional SharePoint Users’ Conference

Several user groups here on the east coast are putting on a regional SharePoint users’ conference. It will be held 10/27-10/28 at the Hyatt hotel near Dulles airport. Last I heard there will be two tracks one for technical users and one for those more business focused. Most of the speakers are from the users’…


My Photo Op: Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, & Kevin Turner

For fiscal year 2007, I received the Circle of Excellence award at Microsoft. This is a prestigious award given out for people who excel in their role. So world-wide just over 250 people received this award and the chairman’s award winners were selected from this group. I didn’t win the rolex (for the chairman award), but…


Video: Demo of Extending SharePoint to Collab on Document Fragments

I have had many requests from customers and peers to have a look at my solution for supporting collaboration on fragments (or sections) of a MS Word document. In fact, few have referred to it as “slide libraries for word documents”. It leverages the some custom actions in SharePoint with the Open XML file format…


New MOSS SDK includes new BDC Tool

There is a gold nugget in the new MOSS SDK that was just released. Included in the download is a new BDC tool that allows you to more easily create those XML application definition files. Here are some of the highlights: Highlights: ·         Tool supports Databases (SQL, Oracle, OLEDB, and ODBC) and Web Services ·        …


Book Review: Essential SharePoint 2007 by Scott Jamison and others

This book fills a niche that has long been lacking in the SharePoint space. Where most books are targeted exclusively to developers or administrators, this book takes a fresh approach and focuses on the business impact of the technology. This book contains all the things you never find in most SharePoint books. How to roll…



The product team has released the code for the menu control used in WSS v3 and MOSS 2007. This menu class was previously sealed and therefore developers could not derive their own control and override just some of the behavior. The class in the install bits is actually named AspMenu. The code released is under a…


Excel Services Chapter is on MSDN

Get a preview of one of the chapters of the book on MSDN. This was derived from a near final draft of Ch 6 of the book:


TechEd 2007: Day 2 & 3

So I admit to being out a bit too late after Day 2 to have written a post. So you get two days in 1. Yesterday I mainly focused on getting ready for my first session (SharePoint and Workflow). I got bumped out of the first session I wanted to see on OCS 2007 architecture…