Application Benchmark Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics AX

The Dynamics AX product team is a long-time internal customer of VS Load Tests, and use VS to do all their product load testing. They released the Benchmark Toolkit to customers, which enables Dynamics load testing. This is a huge win for Dynamics AX customers, as it provides a way for them to find performance…


Product Transitions from VS 2008 to VS 2010 for Load Testing

If you are currently using VS 2008, here is how I compare the products and components you use for load testing. VS 2008     VS 2010     Description     Key differences     VS Team System Test Edition   VS Team System Suite VS Ultimate 2010     Client for developing load tests…


VS 2008 SP1 Released

SP1 has shipped. As I blogged about before here and here, there is a lot of good stuff in SP1 for TeamTest. The English downloads are available here. Note, if you are using a different language VS, the patch is available in all languages too. I have to note, we found a serious regression in…


Web test support for random text extraction in SP1

In SP1 we added a new Random property on the Extract Text rule. This simple property enables some really powerful scenarios. The best example is to randomly select a link that is the result of a query. This works nicely if search result urls are uniform and pass the selection as a query string parameter….


More on 2008 SP1

Bill Barnett has posted a couple of great articles detailing the new APIs we’ve added in SP1. Check these out to see the powerful extensibility points for controlling load patterns in a load test, and more/better hooks in web tests that enable some key scenarios such as easily filtering some types of dependents and easily…


VS 2008 SP1 Beta is available

Incase you haven’t seen this, the beta for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 is now available. We’ve put a lot of work into this SP1 release, mostly around bug fixes for bugs that you reported on the forums and through tech support (mostly forums), as well as bugs our test and dev teams reported. We’ve also…