Visual Studio Performance Testing Quick Reference Guide (Version 2.0) Published

Version 2 of the Quick Reference Guide has now been published. This guide is chock-full of information gathered through real experience with the product. This new version contains 97 new or updated articles. Special thanks to Geoff Gray for once again spearheading this effort. Geoff is one of a handful of elite VS load test…


Great New Documentation for Performance Testing Now Online

I am very excited about the new level of documentation we have in this release. Howie Hilliker has done a fantastic job enhancing our documentation. We actually have screen shots and artwork in the docs now! Also thanks to the load test product team for reviewing the content. The documentation has been completely reorganized, with…


VS 2010 Ships!

I am happy to say that VS 2010 is generally available starting today! Go to the Visual Studio home page for information. As you are probably aware, we put a huge investment in our testing products into this release. I outlined the new features with my post Elevating the Role of the Tester with Visual…


Simulating Peak Load with VS Load Tests

In VS load tests come with a few load patterns out of the box: Constant load: holds count of users steady Step load: steps the count of users up to some level then holds them steady Goal-based load: adjusts the user load up and down to reach some goal But what if you want to…


VS 2010 Test Agent and Test Controller Troubleshooting Guide

Michael Koltachev, Geoff Staneff, and the rest of the TE team put together a valuable troubleshooting guide for troubleshooting a VS 2010 test rig. Check it out at In VS 2005 and 2008 agent and controller setup, all the configuration was done in setup. If any of the config steps failed, setup rolled back….


Application Benchmark Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics AX

The Dynamics AX product team is a long-time internal customer of VS Load Tests, and use VS to do all their product load testing. They released the Benchmark Toolkit to customers, which enables Dynamics load testing. This is a huge win for Dynamics AX customers, as it provides a way for them to find performance…


Product Transitions from VS 2008 to VS 2010 for Load Testing

If you are currently using VS 2008, here is how I compare the products and components you use for load testing. VS 2008     VS 2010     Description     Key differences     VS Team System Test Edition   VS Team System Suite VS Ultimate 2010     Client for developing load tests…


Parameterizing Tests to Run in Different Environments

Sean has a great post on running Web tests and load tests from the command line. A hidden feature is that you can set parameter values from environment variables, which enables you to target different environments with the same test without editing the test. You may develop your web tests and load tests in one…


Install Visual Studio 2010 RC Today

Visual Studio 2010 RC is available on the Web today for MSDN subscribers. Go to the RC landing page for details. We have a very short window, just a few weeks, for incorporating feedback from you back into the product for RTM. Please install the RC today, so we can fix any critical issues you…


Configuration Options for Load Testing with Visual Studio 2010

In this post I outlined the products you need for load testing with Visual Studio 2010. I included a diagram with one configuration option for load tests. Here I will discuss other configurations available. Configuration 1: “Local” Load Generation This is what you get when you install Visual Studio Ultimate, which is the ability to…