New templates for plugins and rules

Inspired by templates developed by Dennis Bass of the services test labs, I added new item templates to the\TeamTestPlugins project. If you install these on your machine it makes creating new plugins much easier: If you work with web and load tests you’ll find these very handy, and they are xcopy-installed on your machine…


So you want to automate your test cases?

Many CIOs and Test Managers are interested in increasing the level of automation in testing efforts. What is automation good for? What is the best way to go about this? How much automation is enough? And who should do it, and when? I’ve heard on more than one occasion test managers say that 100% of…


SharePoint Server 2007 Scalability and Performance whitepaper available

The SharePoint team has published this awesome SharePoint Server 2007 Scalability and Performance whitepaper where they tested loading up SharePoint with 50 million documents. It outlines the architecture and testing methods they used to conduct the study. Note that the team used VSTS web and load tests to load test the site. Ed.


VS 2008 SP1 Released

SP1 has shipped. As I blogged about before here and here, there is a lot of good stuff in SP1 for TeamTest. The English downloads are available here. Note, if you are using a different language VS, the patch is available in all languages too. I have to note, we found a serious regression in…


dynaTrace is cool!

dynaTrace just completed a nice integration with VSTS web, unit and load tests that enables them to do end-to-end tracing of performance. In addition to getting overall performance numbers, they have a feature called PurePath that let’s you trace, down to a given web test request, what calls that request results in on the mid-tier…


Masking a 404 error in a dependent request

There are times when your web test may fail with a 404 error in a dependent request (like a css file or gif), but you may not actually care about this error. For example, it may be something that doesn’t really impact the layout or content of the page. Or you might file a bug…


How to upload a file in a Web test

From this post, I see many users are having trouble with file uploads. Really this is not as easy as it should be. To upload a file, first record the file upload. I have a simple site that I did that on to generate this web test. The key parameter here is obviously the file…


How to set a friendly name on an Extraction Rule

In VS2008, we changed the way custom Extraction rules, Validation rules, and web and load test Plugins return a friendly name and description. In 2005, these were implemented as override on the abstract base class. The problem with this was that it required us to instantiate the class at design time, which we really didn’t…


WCF Load Test Tool is hot on codeplex

Check out the stats for the WCF load test tool on codeplex. The tool is approaching 2000 downloads! Kudos again to Rob Jarratt, who wrote this tool. It’s great that we have a platform with the right extensibility hooks that enables us to produce out band solutions to key problems like this one. I had…


Updated Links to Info

I updated my Links to Info on Web and Load Tests post with new links. The last update was in March, so it was due. I also moved some links into a separate table that are specific to 2005. Some of the 2005 context still applies to 2008, so I left that in the main…