A New Role for Me

I have been quiet on my blog for a while, mostly because I have switched jobs. I had been running dev, test, and PM for the Team Test team here in Raleigh NC, reporting to the PUM of Team Test, Amit Chatterjee in our India Development Center. My team built the load test tools and TCM server product in VS 2010. At the end of VS 2010 we decided to consolidate the test tools work to the IDC facility. Neelesh Komkolkar is now PM for the load testing tools.

I took on the role as QA manager for the Team Foundation Server (TFS) product team. I now run the TFS QA team, with half my team in being in NC and half in Redmond. While I was sad to let the load testing and TCM products go, I am excited by the new challenges and opportunity afforded in my new role.


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  1. Hembry Smith says:

    Hello Brian,

    I am an ISTQB certified Software Test Engineer.One of my friend advised me to take Team Foundation Server2010 certification, as he suggest it would be a added benefit to my Software Testing career.I want to know whether a Software Test Engineer should take TFS certification? Is that for System Admins only?

  2. Ekta says:


    I am new to this field and have been doing Performance and load testing on HTTP sites. As you are experienced people, I just wanted to ask you a doubt which I have been coming across. When I record https sites, the web test fails each time. Does Visual studio's test does not support these test for https sites?

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