Updated Load Test Links for April 2010

I’ve updated my Content Index for Web Tests and Load Tests, which is a list of links to load test content. I added a bunch of links on what’s new in VS 2010, as well as a few additional links:

Dynamics AX Performance and Load Testing: Application Benchmark Toolkit

Parameterizing Tests to Run in Different Environments

Load Test Plug-in – Simulate Repeated Peak Load Modeling

Visual Studio Performance Testing Quick Reference Guide (Version 2.0)

I also moved some posts that are specific to VS 2008 into their own section.


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  1. BertrandH says:


    It would be great if all VS test web and load could be cross-posted in the Visual Studio Team Test blog. There are too many blogs to monitor.

    You should view all the test tools as one product (we use manual, coded UI, web/load testing portion from the tool)


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