Great New Documentation for Performance Testing Now Online

I am very excited about the new level of documentation we have in this release.

Howie Hilliker has done a fantastic job enhancing our documentation. We actually have screen shots and artwork in the docs now! Also thanks to the load test product team for reviewing the content.

The documentation has been completely reorganized, with performance testing topics under the Testing Application Performance and Stress topic.

For example, check out these topics:

Walkthrough: Correlating Dynamic Parameters

Load Test Analyzer Overview

Walkthrough: Using a Test Controller and Test Agents in a Load Test

We also have walkthroughs on creating plugins, which is very helpful.

Creating and Using Custom Plug-ins for Load and Web Performance Tests

Here’s a blowout of the table of contents. It is definitely worthwhile to scan through this list to familiarize yourself with what is there.

Testing Application Performance and Stress


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  1. pobiefuna says:

    Would you consider posting this article as a single document, please?

  2. abe says:

    It would be nice if the docs was available in one nice big doc/pdf as well. It can almost be a book!

  3. MikeBCh says:

    This is a wonderfully organized table of contents. Much more clear than what you can find in the Microsof site. Wish you could fix it so that a click would open the artcle in a new tab automatically.

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