Dev10 Beta 1 Available!

Beta 1 was released to the web today for MSDN subscribers. If you are a MSDN subscriber, you can download the Beta today from here.

We have been very busy on this release of late (one reason why my blog posts have slowed down lately :))

My team and I will be blogging about all the great new features in dev10 beta 1 over the coming weeks.

As in the past, I will compose a list of links to any posts on the new features and update this blog post with the links as we get them.

New Web Test Features in Dev10:

New features in Load Test in Dev10:

In addition to continuing our testing and bug fixing efforts, right now we’re working on an additional set of features for beta 2. I’ll have to sit on those until beta2. 🙂


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  1. SunilSa says:

    Don’t see the x64 versions of Agent and Controller in the download list. Am I missing something?

  2. I am very excited proud and proud to introduce the new testing features you’ll find in dev10. In addition

  3. Ed Glas says:

    SunilSa, the 64 bit binaries are delivered with the 32 bit agent setup.


  4. Martin Hinshelwood on Unable to connect to TFS using HTTPS over the Internet from behind ISA Ed Glas

  5. BennyKusman says:


    i cant download the files in the link stated above..

    seems the download button is unable to click.

    help pls..

  6. Now that VSTS 2010 beta 1 is available I and other Load Test development and test team members will be

  7. Ed Glas says:

    Benny, try the link now. The other link was to the msdn download site, I’ve now linked to the public download site (not sure what happened to msdn).


  8.   If you haven’t yet heard, Visual Studio Team System 2010 has reached Beta 1 and is available for

  9. VSTS 2010 Load Tests offer several new options that can be set on each Scenario in the load test that

  10. In VSTS 2010 Beta 1 (available for download here ), there are four new properties on each Scenario in

  11. lovekhurana says:

    Does VSTS 2010 support load/performance testing of an client/server application developed in .Net 3.5 SP1 framework?

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