Read this Before Running a Load Test with Dev10 Beta 1

If you install the dev10 beta 1 on the same machine as VS 2008, and you are running load tests, read this. When you run the first load test, the load test will check the schema of the load test database, and if it is the 2008 schema it will update the schema in place….


New Performance Testing Training Available from RTTS

RTTS, a premier testing consultancy and test tools training company, now has training available for performance and load testing with VSTS 2008. RTTS specializes in providing software quality services, and offers training on a variety of tools. It is great to see VSTS in the mix as they see demand for VSTS growing. RTTS offers…


More posts on Testing SharePoint with VSTS

Shivaji Nagarajan has extensive experience testing SharePoint using VSTS, and has captured what he has learned in a series of blog posts. Be sure to check them out if you are testing SharePoint! Ed.


dynaTrace Leverages new Extensibility Points to Provide Deep Integration with Dev10

A fantastic example of a partner taking advantage of the new extensibility points in Web test playback and load tests in dev10 is provided by dynaTrace. dynaTrace has developed an extension that provides enables you to drill from a particular request to the PurePath for that request. The PurePath provides a tiered performance breakdown for…


Are You Reporting Inaccurate Performance Numbers with VS 2008?

There’s a hidden problem with VS 2008 load testing that you need be aware if you are running tests locally (as opposed to using a controller and agents). If you purchase and run a load agent, load agents run on all cores and all CPUs on the machine. However, when running locally VS limits load…


Elevating the Role of the Tester with Visual Studio 2010

I am very excited and proud to introduce the new testing features you’ll find in Visual Studio 2010. In addition to continuing to work on the performance testing tools, I have also been focusing on delivering a new set of products for the entire test team. Since most testing is done manually, we have really…


Dev10 Beta 1 Available!

Beta 1 was released to the web today for MSDN subscribers. If you are a MSDN subscriber, you can download the Beta today from here. We have been very busy on this release of late (one reason why my blog posts have slowed down lately :)) My team and I will be blogging about all…


Great resources for SharePoint performance testing

Sanjay Narang has compiled a great set of links on performance testing SharePoint. Check them out! This list is not specific to VSTS, and includes tool-agnostic white papers, official documentation, links to performance testing results, tooling (including VSTS), etc. Ed.