Reading Performance Counters on Vista and Server 2008 Machines

Users commonly experience problems collecting counters during a load test. These problems come in two flavors: 1) they are not able to collect any counters at all from a machine or machines, and 2) they see gaps in the counter collection. This article addresses the first problem. If you are experiencing this problem, you’ll see…

5 Load Test Reports updated

One of our load test partners, Aztecsoft, recently updated the load test reports on codeplex. The updates provide improved run maintenance and the ability to plot counter values against load. It is great to see this contribution from the community! Also thanks to Sampath Kumar for guiding the changes through to release. Ed.


Back from PDC

I spent last week in LA at the PDC. The conference was mainly focused on the new technologies Microsoft is working on bringing to market, such as Windows 7 and Azure. We also introduced the features in our next VSTS release, which customers were super-excited to see. It’s always great to step back at a…


Visual Round Trip Analyzer released

My colleague Jim Pierson on the Live Services performance team released the Visual Round Trip Analyzer tool to the web. You can download it here. Jim works with all the live and MSN teams on analyzing and improving performance of Microsoft web properties, specifically focusing on end-user response times. Jim and his team built this…