Agent Setup and Agent/Controller network connections

Check out Durga's blog post on setting up an agent in workgroup mode.

 One thing I noticed is that the install guide is incorrect, as it says that the "Simple File Sharing" is turned off when installing on XP in workgroup mode. You have to clear that manually. I have corrected that in my post.

 I also put together a visio diagram that shows which ports are used during setup and when the agent and controller run tests.


And here are the connections used during agent setup:


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  1. [ Nacsa Sándor , 2009. február 8.] Ennek a processzoronként licencelt szoftvernek a segítségével skálázni

  2. Shiva says:


    I'm working with VSTS 2008 Load Agent & Controller. Have 1 doubt about the test execution in VSTS.

    I have configured my Controller & Load Agent with below configuraion:

    Machine1: Controller & Agent1 (250 VUsers)

    Machine2: Agent2 (250 VUsers)

    Machine3: Agent3 (250 VUsers)

    And created the Load test with 750 VUsers.

    If i run the 750VUsers Load test, whether each agents runs are with 250VUsers or each agents are runs 750VUsers ?

    Its very urgent, if you reply soon it will helps me a lot. Thanks in advance 🙂

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