Sharepoint "file upload" recording bug in Whidbey

We recently uncovered a bug with Sharepoint file upload recording that may affect other file upload's as well.

The problem is that the IE events we receive in the recorder do not include any post data after the file upload parameter. To workaround this, the recorder parses the page and include all form fields after the file upload (uggh!). The problem then is that it records both the submit button and the cancel button, so when the sharepoint server gets the request it processes the cancel, not the submit. That's embarrassing. 🙁

To workaround this, simply delete the recorded cancel button from your post parameters.

With our new low level recording technology in Orcas we are able to get the right data and we have fixed this problem in Orcas Beta 2.


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  1. Jani Virtanen says:

    Thanx. Deleting the recorded cancel button from VS 2005 web test’s post parameters works for me. but for some reason when I recorded the same SharePoint file upload web test with VS 2008 RTM version, the POST method for Upload.aspx was not recorded at all. What might be a reason for that?

  2. Waseem says:


    I record a web test on MOSS document uploading, its recorded successfully but when i try to run it, it shows an error ‘File Not Found’. could anyone please tell what parameters should i change in my recorded test to run successfully for future….or can any one send me the script of document uploading on MOSS using VSTS because i want to do load testing on MOSS.



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