Updated Content for web tests and load tests

I’ve updated my collection of links for info on web tests and load tests. I had been publishing this to a sticky post on the forum, but ran into the size limit so I’m moving it to my blog. The page is here. Do let me know if you hit any links that are broken,…


Content Index for Web Tests and Load Tests

Content Index for Visual Studio Web Tests and Load Tests Getting Started   Online Help 2010 Testing Application Performance and Stress What’s New for Web Performance and Load Testing Getting Started with Load and Web Performance Tests Creating and Editing Load and Web Performance Tests Running Load and Web Performance Tests Analyzing Load Tests Results…


Web Test Authoring and Debugging Techniques for VS 2008

Web Test Authoring and Debugging Techniques for VS 2008 In Visual Studio 2008, many new features were implemented that eliminate the top issues found in the VS 2005 Web Test recorder, as covered in the white paper Web Test Authoring and Debugging Techniques. While many areas have been addressed, there will still be times when…


What do all those counters mean?

We get asked a lot about what the various counter mean in a load test, like requests/sec, response time, tests/sec, etc.  The counters are documented here: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms404656(VS.80).aspx. Whenever I look for this page, I can’t find it because it is not in the most intuitive place in the TOC, and for some reason the search…


New web test plugin for scripting with a web test

Check out this cool new web test plugin written by Neil Kidd on the UK development team. It enables you to write expressions for form post and query string parameter values. Without this tool, you have to go to code, either by writing a request plugin or by converting your web test to a coded…


Web Test Recorder bar not showing up

We’ve seen an odd problem on some machines where the initial user on Vista 64 doesn’t work. The work around is to delete your user settings, then the problem goes away. Go to control panel Open system Click advanced Click User Profiles Find yours and delete it Log back into the machine with your account…


New Microsoft Tester Center Launched!

We launched the Tester Center today, a new web site for the test community. Here you’ll find links to guidance, tester blogs, articles, videos on testing, a forum, in short a whole host of valuable content for testing. Ed.


Agent Setup and Agent/Controller network connections

Check out Durga’s blog post on setting up an agent in workgroup mode.  One thing I noticed is that the install guide is incorrect, as it says that the “Simple File Sharing” is turned off when installing on XP in workgroup mode. You have to clear that manually. I have corrected that in my post….


What does deployment do when running a test?

A lot goes on in deployment. Michael Koltachev, developer of the feature, recently sent an email explaining it to one of our testers: ·         In Orcas we introduced a way to run tests with deployment disabled. In this case, we execute the tests from where they are, such as bin\debug directory. There is persisted public…


New VSTS Testing Videos on ASP.NET website

Here is a nice set of short, focused videos hosted on ASP.NET: New Testing Videos on ASP.NET   #1 | Introduction to Unit Testing with Team System (10 minutes, 54 seconds) #2 | Introduction to Testing Web Applications with Team System (9 minutes, 43 seconds) #3 | Introduction to Load Testing Web Applications with Team System (9 minutes, 8 seconds) #4 | Introduction to Manual Testing…