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This is my first blog post -- it's past time!

I'm the group manager for VSTS load testing. My team built the awesome new web and load testing features in Visual Studio 2005 Team System.

The load test team has a continual stream of good information going out on our internal dogfood alias and our forum. The blogs provide a great way to get this data out.

Others on the team blogging are Josh Christie and Bill Barnett. We also have a team blog that is meant to be a rollup of team members blogs as well as a place for team members without an individual blog to post.


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  1. Rob Caron says:

    Ed Glas, Group Manager for the load testing features in Team System, has started blogging and is…

  2. pubsnack says:

    Hi Ed – I have connected this all up correctly (I think), but I’m being hit with the following error on build.

         No overload for ‘loadTest_Heartbeat’ matches delegate ‘System.EventHandler’

    Is there something here that I’ve missed?



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