Reading 32-bit counters on a 64-bit machine

If you are running ASP.NET or IIS in 32 bit mode on a 64 bit machine, remote performance counter collection does not work by default.  Read this post to learn how to do it. Reading 32-bit counters on a 64-bit machine Ed.


Load Agent Install Guide

Here is the install guide for the agent and controller. It contains a bunch of useful sizing and configuration information, describing for example the different kinds of machine configs we support with VS, Controller, and Agent. This will be available on MSDN the next time we do a doc refresh.  Visual Studio Team Test Load…


Load Agents

Visual Studio includes a new load agent product for achieving scaleable load generation. The Team Test Load Agent enables you to configure an arbitrary number of agents that will work together to generate load against a web server or web farm. Key features include: •        Scale out load generation •        Efficient load generation (1000 users…


Customer Case Study

Check out this customer case study available for download.  Bill Sexton of Worldspan was one of our early TAP customers (customers that used the product before we shipped), and this paper shows the benefits you can get with load testing and the profiler. Ed.


Driving more load

Where are your bottlenecks most likely to occur? If you are developing an ASP.NET application on SQL Server, the first set of bottlenecks usually occur in the SQL layer, followed by the mid-tier ASP.NET code. The problem almost never lies in the static content that the web server serves up. In fact IIS is extremely…


User modeling in VSTS Load Tests

A common question we are asked is how we deal with “new” vs. “return” users in a load test. Web browsers cache content and store cookies, which impacts the pattern and content of requests that are sent to the web server. Load test scenarios have a “Percentage of new users” property that you can use…


Who’s dogfooding Ocracoke (aka VSTS Load Tests)?

As you probably know, “dogfooding” is the term we use at Microsoft for using the products we are building. Inside Microsoft, our product is known as Ocracoke. Ocracoke includes web tests, unit tests (when used in a load test), and load tests, as well as the “rig” functionality (controller and agents). As you can imagine, there…


Dial your load – custom load patterns in VSTS Load Tests

We often are asked about our support for different load patterns in a load test. What’s a load pattern? A load pattern controls the number of users that the load test is simulating at a given period of time in the load test. We ship with three load patterns: constant, step, and goal-based. But we also…


Blog Blog Blog

This is my first blog post — it’s past time! I’m the group manager for VSTS load testing. My team built the awesome new web and load testing features in Visual Studio 2005 Team System. The load test team has a continual stream of good information going out on our internal dogfood alias and our forum….