What’s New with the Content Query Web Part

Howdy, my name is Dustin Anglin and I’m a Program Manager on the Enterprise Content Management team. Today I’m here to talk about the new things we’re doing with one of most popular SharePoint web parts, the Content Query Web Part, or as it’s better known amongst acronym-o-holics, the CQWP. If you haven’t already checked…


Dynamically filtering the Content Query Web Part

As we’ve often written in this blog, the Content Query Web Part is a great tool for aggregating portions of your site’s content based on certain rules (filters, sorts, groupings).  However, out of the box the web part is pretty static in what piece of content it shows.  For example, if I configure the web…


Visual How-To: Customizing Content Query Web Parts by Using Custom Properties in Office SharePoint Server 2007

Another visual how-to for the Content Query Web Part was just posted.  While the previous one we blogged about discussed the use of the CommonViewFields property, this one also goes into how to use the QueryOverride and the DataColumnRenames property.  With all three, you can do quite a lot with this web part, in terms…


Taxonomy/Tagging Starter Kit for SharePoint Server

Hi, I’m Adri Verlaan, a developer on the ECM team. I would like to introduce you to a starter kit that I’ve developed for SharePoint Server 2007 that helps with the implementation of a taxonomy/tagging system. The kit contains a lightweight working prototype, which you can extend to create a solution that will meet your needs….


Customizing Content Query RSS feeds

One of the great features of the Content Query web part is that, once you configure it and have it showing the content that you want, you can have it emit an RSS feed of the same content.  So, if you have a Content Query web part showing the latest news articles published on the…


Building tylerbutler.com, Part 3: Customizing Content Query Styles

Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3 :: Part 4 :: Part 5 :: Part 6 This is part 3 of an ongoing series of posts about my experience building a custom site on top of Office SharePoint Server 2007. If you haven’t yet read parts 1 and 2, I’d strongly suggest starting there….


Configuring and Customizing the Content Query Web Part

Hi everyone, George Perantatos here.  Last time I posted on this blog, I discussed how Smart Client Authoring can be used to convert documents into web pages.  This time I want to switch gears a bit and talk about how you can aggregate content from various places in your web site and present it all…