Announcing the Release of the CMIS Connector for SharePoint

I’m pleased to announce that we have Released to Web, the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Connector for SharePoint.  The CMIS Connector for SharePoint ships as part of the SharePoint 2010 Administration Toolkit, providing a CMIS interface over the top of SharePoint as well as a CMIS Consumer Web Part that can be used to display content from other CMIS enabled repositories.

You can download the SharePoint 2010 Administration Toolkit today and start to take advantage of this new set of capabilities within SharePoint Server 2010 by building your own Composite Content Applications that talk to SharePoint through CMIS or configuring SharePoint to interoperate with other ECM repositories through the CMIS Consumer Web Part.

Microsoft has been involved in defining the CMIS specification since the beginning and has invested significant resources to ensure that our customers are able to take advantage of support for CMIS in SharePoint 2010 just months after releasing the latest version of our platform.  We are excited about the opportunities that the CMIS standard will open up within the industry and look forward to seeing more ECM vendors deliver support for CMIS in their upcoming product releases.

For further reading on CMIS, visit these sites:

Ryan Duguid
Senior Product Manager
Microsoft Corporation

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  1. David Kircheis says:

    My attempt to connect to: http://<myhost>/alfresco/wsdl/CMISWS-Service.wsdl

    From sharepoint consumer gave me this error:

    Error message:

    There was no endpoint listening at http://cmis/services/RepositoryService.RepositoryServicePort that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details.

    I assume that the Sharepoint consumer web part can be used with any CMIS compliant repository. If so, is there a standard for the endpoint (WSDL address) across all repositories?

  2. jbrown says:

    Trying to test this with the IBM server for interop verification.   Have the toolkit installed  on SP 2010 but still trying to figure out how to setup/configure the webpart for consuming other CMIS repo’s.   I don’t see anything related to CMIS in the available web parts that I can add.  Maybe just a SharePoint noob issue. Can someone point me to some sort of documentation or guide for setting this up beyond just installing the toolkit?  

  3. jbrown says:

    We are much farther along now in the interop testing with IBM’s CMIS server.  We have the SP consumer web part installed and successfully getting a list of repositories from our CMIS interop server.  However once we select one of those repositories we get generic  errors like:

    “You meet one error:

    Error in deserializing body of reply message for operation ‘getTypeDescendants’ “

    I don’t see anything in the SharePoint logs with more details and traces are not clear what problem SP is having with our feeds.  We have other 3rd party WS clients that we have verified work with our feeds so we may need a direct contact so we can get to the bottom of this.  Is there anyone at MS that we can talk to about this directly?  

    Thanks in advance.

    Jay   (IBM CMIS dev lead)

  4. Hi,

    I've got an issue of uploading a large file into MOSS through CMIS.

    After following the article '…/925083&, the large size of file is able to be uploaded

    into MOSS. But it doesn't take any effect on CMIS. The large size of file cannot be uploaded through CMIS web part.

    Is there any configuration need to be done for CMIS? and How?

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