More MOSS-based Internet corporate web presence sites go live

   The HedKandi website that was profiled here is indeed very cool, but most of you probably wouldn’t think of showing it to a CIO or a BDM/TDM as customer evidence or reference for SharePoint Server. J Now that we have RTM’d, there will be many more websites that will go live within the next few months. Here are three that you can tell your CIO about:

·         Monsanto UK’s (part of a Fortune 500 company) website: [Oops: They haven’t gone live yet!]

·         Our first Chinese company (the Rui Jin Hospital in Shanghai) website:

·         UCB’s (a French bank with 5 million customers) e-banking website:


   And a few more in French:





   Now, I just need to convince them to put the “Powered by MOSS 2007” badge on their home pages. J


   Happy Thanksgiving (to those of you in the world who celebrate it)!



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