Building, Part 1: Planning and Basic Branding

Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3 :: Part 4 :: Part 5 :: Part 6 Hi everyone, I’m Tyler Butler. You may remember me from such exciting blog posts as Content Deployment or from presentations at the SharePoint Conference about CMS 2002 migration to MOSS 2007 or the MOM management packs for MOSS….


Configuring and Customizing the Content Query Web Part

Hi everyone, George Perantatos here.  Last time I posted on this blog, I discussed how Smart Client Authoring can be used to convert documents into web pages.  This time I want to switch gears a bit and talk about how you can aggregate content from various places in your web site and present it all…


The “Powered by Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007” badge

   As we approach the RTM milestone for MOSS 2007, many of our customers and partners (yes, that would be you J) are solidifying deployment plans for Internet facing websites that leverage the integrated WCM, portal, and search features of SharePoint Server. For those of you, who are especially proud of being an early adopter…


Using the Minimal Master Page

Hey, my name is Lincoln DeMaris and I’m a Program Manager working on Web Content Management features in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Today I’m going to write a little about building master pages that work in a MOSS 2007 Publishing site. Building a master page is one of the most critical steps of building…


Microsoft IT Showcase whitepaper on Microsoft’s internal migration from MCMS 2002 to MOSS 2007

[Reposting from the SharePoint Team Blog.]    Summary   Migrating from Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) 2002 to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 has enabled the Microsoft Information Technology group to improve its self-help support portal, called ITWeb. The ITWeb site now provides more personalized content to users, improved search features, improved content creation,…


ECM Starter Kit for B2TR

Hi all! The ECM Starter Kit updated for B2TR is in the process of being published to MSDN.  But in the meantime, just thought I’d post an “unofficial” version. The samples are pretty much the same as in the Beta 2 kit, but there are a few additions: Whitepaper: How to Add Activities to SharePoint DesignerRecords…