INFO: Visual Studio 2008 Product Comparison Chart

One of the greatest resources for examining the differences between all versions of Visual Studio.


Exposing LINQ Generated Classes through WCF

The lure of using LINQ to generate classes and expose them as data contracts through WCF is extremely attractive.  The designer-driven LINQ to SQL interface allows for generation of LINQ classes based on database objects (i.e., tables and stored procedures).  The power here is that if any of those elements change, generation of the classes…


WCF Test Client: Failed Adding Service

When writing your first WCF service in Orcas Beta 2, you might set the service as a start up project and attempt to debug it.  The challenge you will face is that the service will start and the WCF Test Client will launch and try to add the service.  The problem that you will encounter…


How to Pass Parameters to a Method on a New Thread

Most of you will find this relatively simple, but it took me a while to figure this out.  When executing a method on a new thread, I found it almost impossible to pass the method any parameters.  My code looked like below. Method Signature to be Executed on Thread: MyMethod(object parameter1) Thread Creation: Thread t…

MOSS Performance Tests

The following URL goes to some recently released Performance Tests for MOSS that can be used in conjunction with VSTS.   MOSS Performance

System.OutOfMemory Exception Thrown in MOSS 2007 In Place Upgrade

When upgrading a SPS2003 installation with an unusually large number of sites, the in place upgrade process may run into a condition where it runs out of memory.  The following message will appear in the upgrade.log:   [SPWebTemplateSequence] [ERROR] [1/15/2007 11:30:03 PM]: Template SPSPERS#0: Exception thrown in activating SPSite scoped features for SPSite with URL…

How to Copy a Data Row from One DataTable to Another DataTable

The long story is in this KB article. The short story is to use the DataTable’s ImportRow method as mentioned in the article.   destinationDataTable.ImportRow(sourceDataTable.Rows[i]);

How to Configure a Server to Address 4GB of Memory or Greater

We were having trouble with a MOSS 2007 upgrade in that it was throwing out of memory exceptions that are common with ASP.NET applications that are running on a server with more than 2 GB of RAM, but the application consumes it all. See for details.  The fix in this article is to apply the /3GB…


Programmatically Retrieve an Image from an Assembly Resource File

As many times as I do this, invariably it slides from my brain and I have to gather all the information I can to do this again.  So here it is for my sake as well as others that might have to do this. A good practice for Windows Forms development is to include most…