Great Resource on BizTalk 2006 Clustering

Here is a great resource on planning your BTS architecture and physical implementation.  The following article guides administrators through design, planning and impementation of leveraging clustering at every level within the BTS architecture to provide adequate redundancy to ensure that the BTS operation continues despite hardware failure. Here is a rip of the distinct…

BizTalk Visual Studio Solution Management

Here is a great post on how to organize your BizTalk projects and how to manage and version BTS assemblies.   Versioning Strategy for BizTalk Assemblies

BizTalk 2006 Custom Functoid Reference

Here is a great article about the custom functiod object model.  It provides context around the methods, objects and properties for the functoid library.

Installing BizTalk Server 2004

This is an old post from my pre-Microsoft blog from Installing BizTalk Server 2004 is no light matter. While not overly complicated, it does require several pre-requisites and knowledge of the order of installation. Additionally, it is necessary to install some components in order to get some of the supporting tools to work as…