Charran eHome for 2012 and Beyond

Hi all. It’s been some time since I’ve thought about documenting what has changed in my eHome implementation. Technologies have changed, brought new capabilities and I’ve changed some techniques since having written my original article about the Charran eHome. The basis of my strategy for accessing media, storing documents and photos as well as being…


Architecture of the Charran eHome

Charran Home Infrastructure and Media Strategy This article has been a long time coming. However, I have always been pretty excited to write about what I think is a pretty cool home infrastructure for entertainment and computing. My entire strategy regarding computing at home is to ensure that even if something happens to my physical…


Exchange Server 2007 ActiveSync with a Self-Signed Certificate

I was recently helping a customer that was attempting to establish ActiveSync capabilities from their Windows Mobile 6 devices with an Exchange Server 2007 installation.  The customer wanted to use a self-signed certificate (instead of one from a publicly regarded certification authority).  The trick was that ActiveSync has the following considerations from a WM6 device:…


Transformers the Movie on DVD

Just because I am a nerdy geek from the 80’s, here is a fun tool many of you will love that you would never admit out loud.  Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me…   Just hit the “Play Sound”.  IE7 users will have to hit it a couple of times to activate the…


The Kid is Running RTM Bits

I just upgraded my desktop and laptop to RTM bits of Office and Vista.  The upgrade went smoothly with 0 touch from me but to supply the product key.  I upgraded from RC1 of Vista and from B2TR of Office. 


Affordable RAID Storage for the Home

The great thing about having a web log is that you can use it to stick useful notes out there whenever you need it.  Kind of like a virtual scratchpad.  Here is something that I think I’m interested in.  A 9TB capable RAID storage box from Norco (3U),1697,2018302,00.asp


Reformatting and Installing a Fresh Vista on a Toshiba M200

As many of you Tablet M200 owners know you can’t really install a new OS on the M200 because it doesn’t have support for a built-in optical drive.  While you can purchase an optoical drive from Toshiba (costly) or another USB optical drive, I just couldn’t stomach doing it living in the age of .iso…


New Convenience Alert

 I love stuff that makes my life easier.  I also hate the fact that (most) everything today requires wires.  So any solution to make my life easier in that regard I’m all for.  Check out  They make universal power adapters in a small form factor.  That means that with one of their adapter units…