SharePoint Implementation Guidance

Here is a great post on how to conduct a large scale service-based SharePoint implementation. QUESTION – I am Program Manager Charged with Implementing SharePoint – Now What- The great thing about this post is that it goes over different stages of the project and characterizes the reaction and expectations for all involved.

HOWTO: Properly Utilize a WCF Service Proxy Class in Code

One critical thing when using proxy classes is to be aware of how to properly call methods and then close the proxy.  Because the proxy makes HTTP requests, (assuming your service is housed within IIS), unless you call .Close() on the proxy, those requests will be held open in IIS and threads will remain dedicated…


INFO: Visual Studio 2008 Product Comparison Chart

One of the greatest resources for examining the differences between all versions of Visual Studio.


Virtual PC 2007 SP1

Virtual PC 2007 SP1 is available! via Virtual PC Guy’s Blog: Virtual PC 2007 SP1 now available


WSS and MOSS Service Pack Locations

So I don’t forget where the links to the Service Packs are: Here are the links to the WSSS & MOSS hotfixes, and the rollups.  Thanks, Phil!


Architecture of the Charran eHome

Charran Home Infrastructure and Media Strategy This article has been a long time coming. However, I have always been pretty excited to write about what I think is a pretty cool home infrastructure for entertainment and computing. My entire strategy regarding computing at home is to ensure that even if something happens to my physical…


RELEASED: Microsoft SharePoint Administration Toolkit

The new SharePoint Administration Toolkit was recently released as reported here: Two great areas of additional functionality include a batch site manager.  You can now move site collections around including between content databases.  There are also added features for accommodating for alerts, etc.  when there are web application changes to the addressable URL.  Download…


HOWTO: Change Content Types After Deployment

There are two methods to updating content types following deployment.  Everyone familiar with content types may know that after they are originally created and deployed and are being used, that changes to those content types can be challenging.  When adding or (or more importantly) deleting fields, if the content type is in use you can…


HOWTO: Setup a MOSS Development Environment

Great MSDN article on how to setup a MOSS development environment that includes a fully capable development experience including Office, VS 2005 and VS 2008.


SharePoint Load Tests

  Here is a great new resource on MOSS load testing tools and VSTS Web and Load Test projects SharePoint Load Tests