INFO: What I’m Running

Every now and then I like to update folks on what I’m running on my hardware.  Below you’ll find information on what my hardware is and what I choose to run on it. Here is my newest rig info: Hardware Lenovo T61P 4 GB of RAM SATA Optical Bay Adapter with 160 GB laptop hard…


HOWTO: Grant users Logon as Terminal Service Right

Because I am running Windows Server Enterprise 2008 on my Laptop with Hyper-V enabled, I continuously Remote Desktop to my Virtual Machine.  Even for a domain admin in the guest, you have to have group policy configured to allow the Remote Desktop Users group to allow logon through terminal services.  Here is where you do…


HOWTO: How Document Collaboration Works at Microsoft

While the title of this post might indicate that there is a sweeping document collaboration strategy that all teams and people use, that’s not the case necessarily.  We are big at dogfooding which is a made up verb indicating that we love to try out our own software and tools in our everyday jobs just…


HOWTO: Complete a WF Workflow if a Task Replicator Activity’s Tasks Haven’t Been Completed Yet

Scenario: A Visual Studio Workflow Foundation Workflow needs to terminate with approval given the following circumstances: 1. At least one task has been completed out of the many tasks that were assigned via the workflow to approvers 2. A field on the current item the workflow is executing on has been edited/updated/changed Thus the behavior…


HOWTO: Get the field text from a SPFieldChoice

The SPFieldChoice usually holds the Int32 part of a choice field that is comprised of 2 values (the ID of the choice and the text of the field that is displayed).  Take the example of a workflow status column.  The ID 2 corresponds to the field value “In Progress”.  Programmatically, this will yield the value…


Taking a Virtual Machine from Virtual Server/VPC to Hyper-V

One trick is that you have to follow the steps outlined here: Even if you install the Integration Components for Hyper-V, the VM will not update because the VMBus device will not start (This device cannot start. (code 10)).  What you have to do if you are trying to move is the following: RESOLUTION…


Great Visio Stencils for SharePoint

Just so I don’t forget, here is a link to some great MOSS Stencils for use in Visio.  This comes in great handy since most of what I do nowadays is to provide architectural diagrams for customers and to sketch out information architecture for SharePoint. Additionally, here are some great downloads for MOSS including…


RELEASED: Windows Search 4.0

Here is a link to grab the bits for Windows Search 4.0 for all editions of Windows (including Windows Server 2008, Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Home Server)

Sysinternals Live

An Internet connected machine can now run all the sysinternals tools. Sysinternals Live