Exchange Server 2007 ActiveSync with a Self-Signed Certificate

I was recently helping a customer that was attempting to establish ActiveSync capabilities from their Windows Mobile 6 devices with an Exchange Server 2007 installation.  The customer wanted to use a self-signed certificate (instead of one from a publicly regarded certification authority).  The trick was that ActiveSync has the following considerations from a WM6 device:…


How to move My Sites to a new Content Database and Web Application

A great article below on how to move My Sites from an existing content database to a new web application in SharePoint 2007.  Many customers will find this link valuable because having done a database upgrade and not taken the painstaking steps to separate My Sites from the main content database in SPS2003, the My…


Wallpaper Manager 1.0 Update

Hi all, I’ve updated the Wallpaper Manager written in WCF to the 3.5 version of the Framework.  I have also included some bug fixes and eliminated some exceptions when the program can’t find a directory, or there are no items in a specified directory.  Below is the original post and the link to download still…


Installing Office SharePoint Server 2007 SP1

Office SharePoint Server 2007 SP1 is a much anticipated release in that it contains several key fixes and patches that affected many implementations.  However, installing SP1 requires careful planning, testing (regression and functional) as well as considerations and a deep understanding of farm topology.  Here is a great article on planning and implementing SP1 for…


How to Manage SharePoint 2007 Objects in Code

Here is a great article on how to manage and dispose of SharePoint objects when using the Object model in C# or VB.NET.  This article discusses different coding practices and communicates the best way to ensure that the pesky “excessive requests” message doesn’t get logged to the ULS logs.