How to Deploy Software Updates to a MOSS Farm

Here is a handy article on how to deploy patches and updates to a MOSS farm.  If your farm has more than one server, you can’t use Windows Update.  You have to download the specific patch manually and install on the farm.  More details here:


How to View Email Conversation Threads You Started

Here is a great tip that helps me navigate the wealth of distribution lists at Microsoft for replies to posts that I started.


How to Upgrade your Laptop Hard Disk With Vista and a USB Hard Drive

So, I recall having to purchase Norton Ghost to create an image and then to reapply that image to a new hard disk.  For a laptop this would have been a great challenge.  My steps would have looked something like the following: Purchase Norton Ghost Copy the entire existing hard drive to the new hard…


Excluding A Site from MOSS Enterprise Search While Maintaining Search Within the Site

I think the title on this one says it all.  Say you have a collaboration portal with a search center in a site collection while a records center sits beside it in the same web application.  The goal is to hide the records center from the collaboration portal’s search, while maintaining search inside the records…