Vista Sidebar Gadget Published

My first Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget has been published to  This gadget wraps the Windows Media Player and allows for the playing of any video stream, file and URL that is compatible with Windows Media Player (did you know that the player can play flash video also like You Tube, etc.?).  You can even make playlists in Windows Media Player and play those through the gadget.

Get it here:

Below is a screen shot of my sidebar with the gadget playing the PGR3 HD trailer.

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  1. Keith Farmer says:


    – Can you make a small mode that fits in the sidebar?

    – Being able to play the contents of a folder would be a good feature.

    – Support for drag/drop would be really great.

    – Integration with the local WMP library might be difficult, but useful.

  2. Eric Charran says:

    Good suggestions!  My next steps are to create a history so you can easily recall past played streams.  Hopefully, one day those buttons on the front will do something like iterate through the past streams.  For WMP library interation, the only thing I can think of is to use a wpl as a file:// reference.  But there is no contol over it now.

  3. The Wow says:

    Steven Bink takes note of Eric Charran’s very first Sidebar Gadget for Windows Vista: a Windows Media

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