Debugging From an ASP.NET Web Form to a Web Service using Typed DataSets

When attempting to step into a web service when a Typed DataSet is passed as a parameter to the web method from ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2005 will step into the proxy class, but return to the ASP.NET call without stepping into the web service or hitting any breakpoints in the web service.  This behavior (so far) only occurs when passing in a Typed DataSet.  Other web methods seem to work. 
To work around this, disable the Just My Code option in Visual Studio.  In Visual Studio 2005, go to Tools, Options, Debugging, General and find the "Enable Just My Code (Managed only)" and uncheck it.
To see what ramifications this has check out

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  1. Why are you passing typed datasets to and from ASMX web services again?

  2. Eric Charran says:

    Hi!  When attempting to encapsulate a single instance business object, there are two mainstream methods of accomplishing this.  First, in an SOA solution where you have a smart client or ASP.NET presentation tier talking to a business services layer characterized by web services, you can either pass class instances between the layers (as your single instance business object) or Typed Data Sets.  Typed Data Sets have schema definitions in them that allow for intelisense, and data adapters can be equipped with stored procedures to provide update, insert and delete functionality.  They make for a very compelling container (similar to a class with fields and methods) to transfer data about a business object instance between the presentation and business services layer.

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