Installing Team Foundation Serer Beta 3

Don’t forget to grant rights to the Team Foundation Server account and the Team Foundation Server Reporting Account.  I’m lazy, so I added it to my local admin group on my Virtual Machine.  I’ll dig into what the rights actually are later.  If these accounts don’t have rights, you recieve the error: Error 28100.Error loading…


Best Practices for CLR Assemblies vs. TSQL

A very good article on MSDN will help developers determine when to use the CLR stored procedures, functions and triggers versus traditional TSQL ones.  The guidance is as follows directly from the article: Use declarative T-SQL SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements whenever possible. Procedural and row-based processing should be used only when the logic…


Upgrading from VS 2005 Professional to VS 2005 Team System

For all you folks who managed to talk your managers into letting you get the Team Suite MSDN Subscription, you’ll be happy to know that the straight install from the DVD does “upgrade” or change the existing VS 2005 Professional installation you might have on your machine, so there is no hanky panky required to…


Standard Numeric Format Strings Output

Since I’m doing a bit of SQL Server Reporting Services development and architecture, I found this URL on MSDN that leads to standard .NET format syntax for data types.  This is specifically relevant when doing financial reporting and formatting numbers for reports.  Be sure to sync this content with the TOC as it will reveal…


Microsoft Java Virtual Machine Lives

I ran across some arcane insane java application for my masters class.  I refused to install the Sun JVM, so I found this little nugget of nostalgia instead:      


New Convenience Alert

 I love stuff that makes my life easier.  I also hate the fact that (most) everything today requires wires.  So any solution to make my life easier in that regard I’m all for.  Check out  They make universal power adapters in a small form factor.  That means that with one of their adapter units…


ConfigurationManager Class Errors

So I’m coding a quick Windows Forms app in Visual Studio 2005 and noticed that the following line resulted in a compiler error: SqlConnection myConnection = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings[“connectionString”]); The trick is that this is not a compiler error, but a warning.  The warning text is: Warning 1 ‘System.Configuration.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings’ is obsolete: ‘This method is obsolete, it has been…


SQL Server Reporting Services Field Error Part 2

So here is another solution to the following error message: The data set “DataSetName” contains a definition for the field “FieldName”.  This field is missing from the returned result set from the data source. This can happen in report designer when you are returning a stored procedure results wth uncommon or badly named fields such…


My XBOX 360 GamerTag

In preparation for XBOX 360, here is my gamer tag! Put your gamertag here too.


SQL Server Reporting Services Field Error

Ever get this error from SQL Server Reporting Services when you consume a stored procedure and attempt to preview the report from the designer? The data set “DataSetName” contains a definition for the field “FieldName”.  This field is missing from the returned result set from the data source. The situation is that you receive this…