Renaming A SQL Server 2005 Server

For all of you who remember the agony (well, not really agony, but extra steps) involved when renaming a machine with SQL Server 2000 on it, fear not.  I just installed SQL Server 2005 on a virtual machine (August CTP).  I realized that the virtual machine was a template and that I had not renamed the machine so a network collision with anyone else running the VM would not happen.  Once I got the duplicate name on the network error, I renamed the machine.  Just out of curiosity, I then attempted to connect to SQL using the Management Studio and Viola!  It worked.

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  1. Jeff Parker says:

    Whoo hoo, I had been wondering about this in the back of my mind. I had hoped they had fixed this but was wondering, I hated this in 2000 so much I didn’t even want to try on my VM. At least I know it is safe to try. I am just going to hope nothing blows up.

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